What do we follow? Probably more than one thing. Fashion, football, the news, your Instgram feed and other, more important things. Often we follow the tide of popular thought and opinion,  and we have to be careful that we don’t get too caught up in ideas we don’t really believe in or subscribe to, even though standing out from the crowd can be awkward and … Continue reading Following

Life goes on

We all have moments in our lives when we wish things could stay that way forever, frozen in time. Heart full to bursting with happiness, we don’t want change or worry to intrude and spoil the perfection, so rarely achieved. Equally there are times when we wish we had the power to transport ourselves somewhere else, erase the moment we’ve found ourselves in, go back … Continue reading Life goes on


We live in a society much more focused on the individual than perhaps any time before in history. Generation y, z (I understand there is now another one which comes after z which just seems ridiculous) are often talked about as having strong ambitions and high expectations for life, career, relationships and overall happiness. Our ancestors, other cultures and the Church, promote the idea of … Continue reading Network

Be yourself?

It’s almost a cliché, and is certainly much easier said than done. I have authentically believed in this statement (without the question mark) since I decided my path to happiness was to care less what people thought of me, after a period of prolonged bullying which had put me through an exhausting regime of self-inflicted character assassination, let alone the relentless jibes from people who … Continue reading Be yourself?