Finding your strength

I have always had role models in my life, but recently I have been made even more aware of the amazing people I have around me, stalwart men and amazon women that have been through so much and not only take life in their stride and all the challenges that go with it, but share their experiences with others, pouring out generosity and kindness, so that their power radiates to you and you feel recharged, filled with warmth and electricity.

Noone has an instruction manual, and everyone’s situation is in a way unique, but with any tough event that comes our way, there are always those that have been through it, and not only survived, but risen as phoenixes from the ashes. Sometimes I think that these people have a titanium suit, an ability to let the pain bounce off them, but they couldn’t become the awe-inspiring person they are without having suffered, fought back and found their future. In most cases it means confronting their life as radically different than they imagined, but they create a new reality where they are in control and happy.

It is something to never feel that you are alone in life, and that there are people that love you even when you don’t like yourself very much. I constantly have examples in front of me of people that encourage me to raise the bar for myself. Let’s find the joy and do this life thing, sometimes laughing, sometimes crying, often stumbling but always putting one foot in front of the other.

The wheels just keep on turning, the drummer begins to drum… (Coldplay of course)


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